2023 3rd International Conference on Image Processing and Intelligent Control(IPIC 2023)

Call For Papers

2023 3rd International Conference on Image Processing and Intelligent Control (IPIC 2023) will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Image Processing

Image Processing

Discrete Cosine Transforms

Discrete Hilbert Transforms

Fuzzy Logic Applications in Signal Processing

Image segmentation

Pattern recognition and analysis

Spectral Analysis

Wavelet Transforms

Coding and Transmission

Color and texture

Object and Scene Recognition

Face recognition

face detection

gesture recognition


Image feature extraction

Digital Signal Processing

Medical image processing

Radar Image Processing

Sonar Image Processing

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

Imagel Processing Applications

Image generation

Image acquisition

Image processing

Image-based modeling


Immersive virtual reality

Integration of virtual reality


Interactive digital media

Knowledge-based recognition

Audio processing

Video processing

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Vision for X

Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems

Image Signal Processing

Multidimensional Signal Processing

Image/Video Processing


Modulation and Channel Coding

3D and Stereo Imaging

Image compression


Image Scanning



Sonar Signal Processing




Surface modeling

Signal Reconstruction

Super-resolution imaging

Image Formation

Computer Graphics/Animation



Hyper-spectral Imaging

Restoration and Enhancement

Machine Learning


Multi-resolution Processing

Sensor Array

Multi-channel Processing

  • Intelligent Control

Genetic Algorithms

Fuzzy Control

Decision Support Systems

Machine Learning in Control Applications

Knowledge-based Systems Applications

Hybrid Learning Systems

Distributed Control Systems

Evolutionary Computation and Control

Optimization Algorithms

Soft Computing

Software Agents for Intelligent Control Systems

Neural Networks based Control Systems

Planning and Scheduling

Intelligent Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Engineering Applications

NC programming technology

Mechatronics System Engineering

Intelligent Instrumentation and Detection Technology

Automation in Mechanical Manufacturing

Automation Control System

Intelligent System Design

Intelligent Decision Support

Autonomous systems

Learning and adaptive control systems

Intelligent fault detection and identification

Intelligent control theory and applications

Network intelligence and network control

Hybrid intelligent systems

Mechatronic systems and optimization algorithms

Industrial networks and automation

Environmental monitoring and control

Process control

Intelligent manufacturing systems

Microprocessor-based control

Motor control and power systems

Intelligent robots

Intelligent vehicle control

Aerospace applications

  • Computer Vision 

3D Computer Vision

3D from Multiview


3D from Single Images

Action Recognition

Adaptive Systems

Biomedical image analysis


Computational photography


Computer Vision Theory

Data Mining for the Web

Image and Video Synthesis

Image/Video Processing

Large-scale generative modelling

Large-scale optimization

Machine Vision

Model structure optimization

Motion and Tracking


Recognition detection

Recognition categorization

Recognition indexing

Recognition matching

Robot Vision



shape representation
  • Other related topics